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If you have any errors or need to updated this information, before printing, please let the Church Office know.

Happening This Week pages are printed each week, due by 12pm on Thursday for Sunday’s page.

Bulletins are printed once a month, due by 9am on dates below.

Screen Projector Slides can be made at anytime throughout the month.

All announcements will be made by Announcement Personnel

Pastor Nathan or the person filling in when Pastor Nathan is unavailable.


Bulletin Announcements will be printed as given in the form. Be sure to proofread for errors, make text easily readable and understandable, too much wording may confuse readers or loose their interest. If you have an error or need an update please email the church office.

Be sure to include:

Event Name, Details, Location, Date, Time, any information you are needing someone to know.

You can also include online links, images, or files for the online bulletin. Please note, Projector Slides must be 16:9 (widescreen) to use, if an image is too small it can not be used.


The website allows for a QR code to be made for pages on the website, they are unique to pages so they can be included in the slide or printed pages. To use a QR code open your camera on your phone and the web address will open.


  • December – November 22, by 9am
  • January – December 29, by 9am
  • February – January 26, by 9am
  • March – February 23, by 9am
  • April – March 23, by 9am
  • May – April 27, by 9am
  • June – May 25, by 9am
  • July – June 22, by 9am
  • August – July 27, by 9am
  • September – August 24, by 9am
  • October – September 21, by 9am
  • November – October 26, by 9am
  • December – November 21, by 9am
  • If you are wanting an announcement in the bulletin for multiple months you will need to resubmit the announcement for each month.