Church Facilities Inquiry

Northside Baptist Church facilities are limited to use by members and regular attendees of Northside Baptist Church.

  • Church supplies (disposable plates/cups, coffee, etc) are reserved for church functions, and should not be used for individual events, please bring supplies.
  • The Braun Coffee Station should not be used unless a person from your group has been given instructions for proper use. 
  • Groups using the facility are responsible for setting-up their own tables/chairs and returning them to their proper places.
  • We will work together harmoniously when there are several activities planned at the same time and ask all to show respect to the entire facility and other groups alike.
Is this a party, funeral, etc.

  • Please be sure to check with the Church Office for availability of items and areas before scheduling an event.
  • If you are needing assistance setting-up tables and chairs please let the Church Office know so an announcement can be made.
  • If you are needing assistance such as IT Department, Security or Nursery please let the Church Office know so they can direct you to the correct people to ask regarding these items and services.