Can We Pray For You



Prayer Requests


  • Jeanne -concussion and a few crack ribs.
    Pat W. - sickness
    Pastor Ron for guidance on the job.
    Kylie and Mary - spiritual growth and protection in every area of life
    Darlene - strength
    Christian - leukemia pain
    Nancy L. - in rehab
    ShaRel and Family - Mom's surgery
    Lydia - new church
    Elijah G. - strength
    Gerald C. and Family- healing
    Walter - healing
    Calvin - bone marrow test
    Sissy - in a coma
    Zach - strength raising two children
  • Pray to heal Viola and Cordelia.
  • Please pray that God would help me be a good teacher. I really struggle with classroom management. I desperately need God's help.
  • Spiritual and physical protection for myself, my wife, and our children.
  • Please pray for Amelia and all the different doctors she\'s seeing to get some answers. Also pray for her healing from a concussion, and neck, spine and jaw issues.
  • Requesting prayer for someone who is experiencing mental health issues. Pray for safety and protection for the person and most importantly their salvation, pray for those affected by this for safety and protection.
  • Please pray for a miracle healing of my leukemia cancer (10% chance of survival).
  • A: obedience to the Lord
    B: a job that is the correct job
    C: patience in the mean time
    D: protection for my daughter
  • Please pray for me I have been dealing with the muscles in my colon going backwards and I am afraid it may rupture.
  • Dave will be having back surgery on Monday 10/24. Please pray for a safe & successful surgery with relief of his pain. Thank you!



  • February 28, 2023

    In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ I ask and pray with thanksgiving for The Lord’s Holy Blessings and Holy Will